Why The Miami Dolphins Will Be Better This Year


The Miami Dolphins were one of the most interesting teams in the NFL last year. Last season the Miami Dolphins started off 1-4 awful, and it looked like after that point the Dolphins should just have quit and tanked this year. But then, the Dolphins finished off the year 9-2 and some how made the playoffs for the first time since the early 2000’s. So to me, this was exciting because I am a Dolphins fan that has never seen my Dolphins in the playoffs except once. The only other time was 2008 before last year in my 16 years of living. Now once they got there, they were killed by the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 30-15. But this year, they are going to get a lot better

Let’s start with the coaching staff. The Miami Dolphins are going into year two of the Adam Gase era. He is a great and well respected coach and receives high praise from people all around the NFL. The greatest part of all of that is that he is the second youngest coach in NFL history. Adam Gase in a perfect world could be the head coach of the Miami Dolphins for years and maybe even decades. The bottom line is that coaching is one of the Dolphins strongest aspects and will only get better.


The next main aspect of the Miami Dolphins is there offense. Let’s start with the leader of the offense and the most important position in football the Quarterback. This is obviously the Dolphins biggest question marks this year especially after Ryan Tannehill, who had his best season last year. He had an ACL injury and opted to have surgery on it, and as a result, he is out for the entire season. As a response the Dolphins went out and signed Jay Cutler the former Bears QB who under Adam Gase had his most efficient year as a NFL QB. Now will Cutler have the best year of his career this year, I believe so but only time will tell. Other important aspects of the Dolphins offense include a stack young wide receiver trio of Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, and Kenny Stills. Also running back Jay Ajayi coming off a breakout season who is due to have a similar year.


Finally let’s talk about the defense which was our biggest struggles last year. The Dolphins addressed it through the draft and free agency. They signed all star Linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who can play MLB for us and then the Dolphins  can switch Kiko Alonso to OLB . Then in the draft the dolphins Raekwon McMillan who is a linebacker out of Ohio Shate so you know he is good, and he can play ILB for the dolphins NEXT year unfortunately due to an ACL injury. Not to mention in the first round the dolphins drafted Charles Harris out of Mizzou who is a great pass rusher and compliment to Cam Wake.

The Dolphins also picked up Cordrea Tankersley out of Clemson who will be a great rookie. Also not to mention that Reshard Jones is back and healthy, so now the Dolphins have a young, energetic, and revamped offense who are hungry and ready to win.

There is a lot to looking forward to if you are a Miami Dolphins fan like me. However there are going to be challenges in the way such as the Patriots, and also going through and getting over hurricane irma and having to play 16 straight games. However this reason has faced a lot of adversity before and they ALWAYS overcome it so do not count the Miami Dolphins out this year. #PhinsUp


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