Why Arsenal Missed Out This Transfer Window

The Premier League transfer window has ended and after some pretty big signings by big clubs, they have ensured their future, but Arsenal is not one of those clubs. Today we will be seeing why Arsenal missed out this Transfer Window.

Arsenal started off the transfer window by selling Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain for 35 million Euros to Liverpool Fc . The Ox wanted to leave due to the fact that he did not like the position he played. Then Arsenal continued by putting players on loan, but one question loomed. Would Alexis Sanchez leave or stay?

Sanchez made it pretty clear he does not want to stay at Arsenal anymore, and favors a move to Manchester City ( As that is the team chasing after him the most). Arsenal previously got a bid for Sanchez that was 50 million euros plus Raheem Sterling, but they wanted more. Arsenal made it clear they wanted at least 60 million euros and preferably Sergio Aguero, but did not happen. Due to Arsenal not finding a replacement the deal fell through and in the end City gave up. Now due to this they risk him going for free next summer.

Wenger still wanted Lemar and continued to go after him. Arsenal offered a whooping 92 million euros, which is a club record, for the winger from Monaco and they accepted. Lemar did not want a move to Arsenal so the deal ended up falling through. Arsenal wanted Julian Draxler as an alternative for Sanchez, if he left, but Arsenal did not make a bid for him. Arsenal was also very high on Mahrez early on in the summer but failed to make a bid for him.

The problem with Arsenal is not their attack, it is their defense. This weakness was clearly exposed in the Liverpool game. There were quality defenders on the market, but it seemed Arsenal was determined to bolster their already strong attack.

Defenders on the Market

Virgil Van Dijk would have been a perfect piece in the puzzle. Van Dijk has favored a move to Chelsea or Liverpool, but putting enough money on the table could persuade Southampton to sell the top defender to Arsenal. Considering they were willing to pay 92 million euros for Lemar, paying a little less for a position in need should not be a problem.

Kalidou Coulibaly would have also been a great replacement for defense. He would cost less than Van Dijk but they still get a quality defender that will help out this defense.

All in all, due to Arsenal not focusing on players needs and holes in their team, they have missed up on quality players and lost some of their top. If you are an Arsenal fan, this season does not look bright and neither does the future. At least theres another transfer window, right!


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