Welcome to The Jungle Week 9 Recap: Bengals @ Jaguars

It was an extremely ugly day in Jacksonville, as the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-7.

The obvious highlight of the game is the fight between wide receiver AJ Green and cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Right before the end of the half, Bengals ran it up the middle with Joe Mixon, and thirty yards down field Green was punching Ramsey. On replay, Jalen Ramsey shoved AJ Green down when Green wasn’t looking, and Green responded to it violently by throwing him down in a choke hold. This is out of character for AJ Green, and twitter noticed:

Both were ejected from the game. You would have to think something else happen to make Green get so mad, and it seems there is. AJ Green said it was the blindside hit to make him lose it, but however in another interview he said he was taking blindside hits and Ramsey was saying “disrespectful things.” Head coach Marvin Lewis however confirmed it had something to with something Ramsey said, but wouldn’t say what. Some Jaguar players also believe it was something that Ramsey said. Cornerback Adam Jones said “Something’s you keep on the field, and something’s you keep off the field no matter what. He got what he was asking for.” Adam Jones refuses to say what Ramsey said, but he hinted it was something bad. Green most likely didn’t say it was something what Jake Ramsey said so he can look tougher, and like a “don’t mess with me guy.” However it is something what Ramsey said as coach Lewis confirmed, and we are all wondering what he said. Both Green and Lewis refuse to say what he said, but it is rumored and was saying dirty stuff about his wife.

To start the second half, things got heated again. This time a Jaguars offensive lineman and Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap got heated. Jaguars player had held Dunlap face mask and wouldn’t let go. Dunlap is one of the nicest and humble players on the Bengals, so the fact that he was getting mad means something was going on on the field. If Bengals are at fault or not, they must get their emotions in check.

The offense for the Bengals seems to get worse by week. The Bengals only had 37 offensive snaps, which is a franchise record for lowest of all time. Without Green in the second half, the Bengals couldn’t do anything. It’s hard for running back Joe Mixon to do anything when Jacksonville has everyone in the box. Rookie wide receiver John Ross was a healthy scratch, and that hurt the Bengals as they needed him badly. Tight end Tyler Kroft was the highlight of the Bengals offense. He had 2 catches for 79 yards, one if them being e he caught it in coverage, spinner out of a tackle and ran for 59 yards.

Joe Mixon again struggled against an elite Jaguars defense. The offensive line can take most of the blame. Mixon had 13 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown. That touchdown was the highlight for the Bengals on Sunday. For the Bengals offense to take the next step, they gotta figure out how to block.

It was another rough day for the Bengals defense. Jaguars held onto the ball for over 40 minutes of the game. Blake Bortles torched the Bengals defense. Part of the blame goes to bad defensive play, but a lot has to do with defense coordinator Paul Guenther. Some of his defensive play calling has been questionable. Bengals have to much talent to struggle this much. All the Bengals coaches need to step up and pick this team up, it’s never good when your own player blames you.

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