Top 3 College Football Games: Week 3

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Another weekend of college football means another weekend of sweat, blood, and tears. This week there are some very big match-ups that have college football implications and are must watch on TV. Today we take a look at the top 3 college football games.

Tennessee Volunteers vs Florida Gators

Where to Watch: 3:30 ET on CBS

This is a big game for the SEC East. Florida is in last place, while Tennessee is in fourth place. A win for Tennessee would most likely put them in first place, while a win for Florida will take them out of last place.

Keys to Success: Florida Gators

This whole offense has to be better. They had 221 yards passing and running the ball against the Wolverines. The Gators need to protect the ball. Against Michigan they had 3 turnovers, and if this happens again, the Gators will have the same outcome. This week they are going up against a terrible defense so as long as their offense performs and is efficient, the Gators should be fine.

This defense once again needs to get into the backfield and disrupt the quarterback and running game. They had 5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss in their game against Michigan. This defense forced Speight into some bad throws and two of them got picked off. This defense needs to have the same outing again this week.

Keys to Success: Tennessee Volunteers

They are going up against a very interesting defense. The Gators have a great passing defense, but a terrible running defense. The Volunteers need to establish the running game early and change the Gators game plan, then exposed their secondary, which is one of the top in the nation.

The defense needs to stay focused. The numbers show that the Gators do not have a great offense, but they were going up against a very elite defense. The Volunteers cannot take the Gators offense lightly and need to take it to them. They need to get into the backfield to disrupt the running game and quarterback.

Prediction: Florida Gators (24)-(17) Tennessee Volunteers

USC vs Texas

Where to Watch: 8:3o PM ET on Fox

This is considered a rivarly matchup by most college football fanatics and boy have we had some good moments in this rivarly. Last time these two teams played, Vince Young had one of the most important touchdowns in College Football. Now these two teams meet under different circumstances, but this game will be a very great game to watch.

Keys to Success: USC

USC has to be very efficient on offence. They are going up against a very mediocre defense. Sam Darnold needs to be efficient with ball and avoid a lot of turnovers and S.Carr needs to have another monster game and this team will be good to game.

USC needs to watch out against Shane Buechele and this Texas offense. They are the 22nd ranked passing offense and a 20th ranked rushing offense, and are there for a reason. They need to contain Buechele in the passing game, and hit Warren in the backfield.

Keys to Success: Texas

Texas needs to stay two dimensional against the Trojans. The Trojans have a good passing defense, but a terrible running defense. Texas has to expose the running game which will then lead to the passing game opening up, so staying two-dimensional is key.

Texas has to contain Darnold and Carr. They do that by getting into the backfield and making contact there instead of letting Carr run right by them. They need to contain Darnold by locking down their receivers and getting pressure to the quarterback.

Prediction: USC (35)-(31) Texas

Louisville Cardinals vs Clemson Tigers

Where to Watch: 8 PM ET on ABC

The biggest match up of the week, the prime-time game or whatever you want to call it, this game is big. Not only does it include big ACC title hopes, but it has college football playoff implications to. After last years intense, sitting at the edge of your seat game, these two teams meet once again.

Keys to Success: Louisville Cardinals

The Cardinals are going up against one of the best defenses in the nation. They need to vary it up on play calling. They cannot afford to go one-dimensional against a top defense. Lamar Jackson will be the key in this game for Louisville to be successful.

The defense needs to force Clemson to become one-dimensional. They are a very well balanced offense, so forcing the Tigers to either run or pass the ball will be huge.

Keys to Success: Clemson Tigers

The Tigers need to expose the Cardinals terrible passing defense. Establishing the running game against the Cardinal’s top tier running game will also be key.

The Tigers need to slow down Lamar Jackson, the all around, Heisman trophy candidate. Jackson accounts for most of Louisville yards, so if they slow down Jackson, they will win the game.

Prediction: Louisville Cardinals (34)-(31) Clemson Tigers

This is another great week of great college football to look forward.







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