The Mafia Report- Week One vs NY Jets

Football season is finally back as today the Bills will kickoff the season against the New York Jets. In this weekly article series I will be going over Bills news, injury reports, key headlines, and a preview/prediction of the game.

The Bills are a very strange team this season as some say they will finally get back to the playoffs, some just don’t see that happening the drought will end this season and some even think the Bills are tanking to try to get someone like Sam Darnold in the draft. They have been trading players left and right and stockpiling draft picks, for example they traded game changing wide receiver Sammy Watkins for CB E.J Gaines and a 2nd round pick from the Rams. Secondly they traded CB Ronald Darby to the Eagles and got WR Jordan Matthews and a 3rd round pick.

The Jets on the other hand are much easier to figure out how they’re going to do this season… Not good.


The Bills went 1-3 in the preseason, but with the limited time that the starters had the defense looked great however Tyrod Taylor the QB1 of the Bills did not look impressive. But, as always, preseason is not a good indicator of how the Bills season will go. The preseason is really to see how the rookies and second or lower stringers are.

Injury Report

QB Tyrod Taylor (concussion) is expected to return after not playing in last weeks preseason game.

Keys to the Game

Don’t underestimate

As bad as the Jets roster looks it is never okay to just sit back and say “this team isn’t good this is an easy win for us” Every week you see teams that make huge upsets and the number one reason that happens is the team that was projected to win sits back. When the Bills get a lead they need to keep scoring and scoring and do not let up.

Tyrod Taylor needs to rebound

Tyrod Taylor did not look good all preseason as he did not move the offense down the field and get any touchdowns. Taylor needs to play well or else we may start seeing rookie Nathan Peterman under center for the Bills who looked incredible all preseason.

Bills 28 Jets 14

This game will start out slow with each team not scoring on their first couple of drives but then the Bills will start lighting up the scoreboard and it will be way too much for the jets to handle.

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