Rating Every Starter on the Washington Wizards So Far

The Wizards have had an very up-and-down start to their NBA season. They have looked brilliant in many games but woeful in others. In this article, I will evaluate the performances of every Wizards starter so far this season.

John Wall

Expectations were sky high for John Wall heading into the season. Many expected John Wall to have the best season in his career and some even expected him to win MVP. So far, John Wall hasn’t quite lived up to his expectations, but he has still been solid. He is still averaging an impressive 19.6 point-per-game, 9.1 assists-per-game, and a career high 1.1 blocks-per-game. Despite the bad form and nagging injuries, John wall remains a key part in this Washington Wizards team.

Rating: 7.5/10

Bradley Beal

Similar to John Wall, Bradley Beal had high expectations coming into this season but Bradley Beal has somewhat lived up to his expectations. He is currently averaging 24.2 points-per-game with a 48.2% field goal percentage. His scoring has been the difference in many games for the Wizards this season.  His all-around game has improved as well, Beal is currently averaging 4.9 rebounds-per-game which is a career high for him.

Rating: 8/10

Otto Porter Jr

After receiving a max contract this off-season, Otto Porter was determined to prove the doubters wrong. So far, that is exactly what he has done. Otto has improved in almost every major statistical category. His shooting this year is somehow even better than it was last year. In addition to all of that, Otto has arguably been the best defender and in the Wizards’ starting line-up. Otto Porter’s improvement has been monumental to the Wizards’ success this season.

Rating: 8.5/10

Markieff Morris

Because he got surgery on his sports hernia this off-season and the emergence of Kelly Oubre Jr, Markieff Morris has been playing limited minutes so far this season. He is currently averaging only 21.5 minutes this season compared to his 31.2 last year. Morris will almost certainly go back to his form last season when his minutes go back to normal.

Rating: 5.5/10

Marcin Gortat

Marcin Gortat has been showing signs of aging so far this season. At the age of 33, Marcin Gortat isn’t as good as he was the last couple of seasons but he is still a productive starting center. He is currently averaging 10.6 points-per-game and 9.2 rebounds-per-game and he still has one of the best pick-and-roll partnerships in the NBA with John Wall. The Wizards will need this partnership to continue if they want to make a deep playoff run.

Rating: 6/10

Kelly Oubre Jr

Filling in for Markieff Morris, Kelly Oubre has started a total of 6 games this season which is already more than it was last year. Scott Brooks’ belief in Oubre has definitely paid off. So far, Oubre has improved in every major statistical category. His improvement in 3-point shooting has been huge for the Wizards. His form is one of the main reasons why the Wizards bench has improved this season.

Rating: 7/10

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