Predicting The 2018 NHL Awards: Art Ross Trophy

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In this series, there will be one article a day (leading up to Opening Day) predicting the 2018 NHL Awards. Today (day 4/10), the Art Ross Trophy winner will be predicted.

The Art Ross Trophy is given out each year to the NHL player with the most points at the end of the season. Connor McDavid was the previous winner of this award.

Honorable Mention

Nikita Kucherov, who was predicted to win the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy, will have the 4th most points for the upcoming season. Kucherov will now have Steven Stamkos with him, and they will form a formidable duo.

Last season, Kucherov had a career high 85 points. That point total might be hard to accomplish again, but with what we’ve seen from this preseason, there should be more penalties in 2017-2018. Kucherov was great on the power play last season, and with Stamkos back, he will have someone to pass to him, with the option of passing it right back for an assist.

Prediction: Kucherov will have 51 goals, but will have less assists than last season, with 32. 83 points for Kucherov in the 2017-2018 season.


Coming in at 3rd is the St. Louis Blues’ star Vladimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko finished with a career high 75 points in 2016-2017. He will be turning 26 in December, meaning he is getting closer and closer to his prime, so he could have an outstanding season.

Tarasenko will likely be playing with Vladimir Sobotka, and they could have great chemistry together. With Tarasenko having someone to pass to and get passes from, he could rack up some extra points.

Prediction: Vladimir Tarasenko will have a career high 41 goals, while also getting a career high 45 assists, for 86 points.


Coming in at second in points for the 2017-2018 NHL season is arguably the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby. Despite missing games early in the season due to a concussion, Crosby still put up 89 points. The Penguins’ superstar joined the 1000 point club in 2016-2017, and he will look to add onto his total this year.

Crosby finished 2nd in points last season, and it’s where he will finish this one as well. He will get to play a few more games this season as well, so he might get more than 89 points.

Prediction: Sidney Crosby will score 42 goals, but will also reach 50 assists, for 92 points.

Art Ross Trophy Winner

Anyone who doesn’t think Connor McDavid will win the Art Ross should go see a doctor. In only his second season, McDavid managed to get 30 goals and 70 assists for 100 points. Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl will be back at it again this season, and with another year under their belts, they will have even more chemistry together and will improve their point totals.

Connor McDavid, who many think is the best player in the world, is only 20 years old. He will be turning 21 in January, which is a good thing for the Oilers. With more experience, McDavid can literally be “McJesus,” which is a nickname many have given him.

Prediction: McDavid will pot 34 goals, and tally 77 assists for 111 points, and will be awarded the Art Ross Trophy.

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