Possible Trade Scenarios for Marcin Gortat

According to Ben Standig of The Sports Capitol, the Wizards are likely to trade Marcin Gortat this offseason.  For the last five seasons, the Polish Hammer has been a key member of the Washington Wizards. His solidity and consistency at the center position has been a huge factor for the Wizards as they have made the playoffs in four of their last five seasons.

But in recent seasons, the 34 year old’s contributions has decreased as all of his stats have slowly decreased in the last few seasons. This past season, Gortat averaged 8.4 points and 7.6 rebounds which is not good enough for a play

off team like the Wizards. Combining this with his large contract and his beef with star point guard John Wall makes him a liability for his team which is why Gortat must be traded.

The Wizards have stated that they are willing to move down the draft in order to ship Gortat. This will make teams that are rebuilding interested in making this trade. So let’s look at the possible trade scenarios for him.

Trade 1: Marcin Gortat & 15th pick for Tyson Chandler & 16th pick

This trade wouldn’t free any cap space for the Wizards, but it will upgrade their center position. Even though Chandler is 35 years old, he is still averaging a solid 9.1 rebounds per game which is more than Gortat. He also scores more efficiently than Gortat which will make him a better fit for the Wizards’ offence. As for the Suns, they will be able to move up a pick, which is something they have expressed interest in doing.

Trade 2: Marcin Gortat & 15th pick for 33rd pick & Finney-Smith/Kleber

The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly interested in trading for Gortat. This trade would allow the Mavericks to jump all the way to 15th and select a better prospect. The Mavericks also have $14 million which is just enough to fit Gortat’s $13.5 million. For the Wizards, this wouldn’t be an amazing trade, but the Mavs are one of the only teams that are willing to take on Gortat’s contract. However, the 33rd pick and a younger player wouldn’t be terrible for the Wizards

Trade 3: Gortat, Beal & 15th pick for Love, Smith & 8th pick

This trade is more of a wildcard, but we’ve seen crazier trades on draft day. The Wall and Beal back-court is great, but they’ve never been able to make the step to being contenders. This combined with Beal and Wall’s history of not getting along brings up a possibility of a Beal trade. This trade will give the Wizards a much needed shake-up by adding an all-star caliber player in their front-court as well as a lottery pick. For the Cavs, the addition of Beal might be enough to tempt Lebron James to stay in Cleveland. If it isn’t enough, then the Cavs will still have a player to build around as Beal is in contract till 2021.


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