Offseason Grade for the Boston Celtics

Photo: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

The NBA offseason failed to disappoint about every single NBA fan. With trade rumors turning into trades, a great NBA draft, or the longevity of interesting news, this offseason has been remarkable. With rosters practically finalized (excluding training camp cuts and unexpected trades), lets take a look at what the Celtics did this offseason.

Boston Celtics

Key Additions: Gordon Hayward (FA), Jayson Tatum (Draft), Marcus Morris (Trade), Aron Baynes (FA), Semi Ojeleye (Draft)

Key Losses: Avery Bradley (Trade), Kelly Olynyk (FA)

The Celtics may have missed out on big names like Jimmy Butler and Paul George, but it might’ve been for the best. George is on an expiring contract, and it would’ve clearly been a bad deal to trade the #3 pick for one year of Paul George.

By moving back to draft Jayson Tatum, the Celtics grabbed another first round pick this year. The Celtics have 6 first round picks in the next two years, so they’ve clearly got assets if they wanted to go after Anthony Davis or Kristaps Porzingis to help their small frontcourt.

Assets aren’t guarenteed success in the NBA. Draft picks are just numbers on paper and are useless unless used. So, we won’t know if  this plan of gaining picks is successful until they do something with them.

Avery Bradley will be missed in Boston, but with both Isaiah Thomas and Bradley becoming free agents after this season, the Celtics would be losing Bradley for nothing. With this trade, they get a quality big in Marcus Morris, who is on a good contract.

Letting Kelly Olynyk go is unfortunate, but smart, because it’s clear that Kelly Olynyk isn’t worth 50 million dollars.

While the Celtics still have some tough decisions in the future, this offseason was a big step in the right direction. It was smart for the Celtics to stay patient, as it looks like they will hit their stride while the Cavs are declining.

Grade: B+





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