LA Rams “Cook” Up Huge Extension For WR Brandin Cooks

The Los Angeles Rams and Brandin Cooks have come to an agreement on a 5 year contract extension through the 2023-24 season worth $80 million.

Cooks was dealt by New England to LA in exchange for a couple of draft picks back in April. Just 24 years old, Brandin is coming off of his 3rd consecutive year with at least 1000 yards, 7 TD’s, and 67.6 yards per game. His 1082 yards ranked 11th, while his 16.6 yards per reception ranked 7th best, although it is important to note that all 6 players above him had fewer receptions than him.

Cooks is yet another receiver amongst the 2014 draft class to get a sizable contract. Along with Cooks, Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are each making at least $16 million a year. Jarvis Landry, Davante Adams, and Allen Robinson are all making between $14-15 million over the next several years, while even Marqise Lee and Paul Richardson are making roughly $8 million a year.

Oh, and none of that is including Odell, still locked on his rookie deal.

Cooks will be the perfect fit for the Rams. Cooper Kupp and Robert Williams are both young and talented recievers, but aren’t a deep threat like Cooks is. In 2017, Cooks had 11 rececptions of 25 yards or more. Combined, Kupp and Williams had 10.

There has been some talk of what reigning DPOY Aaron Donald will think of this. Donald was in the same boat as Cooks, coming up on the expiration of a rookie contract and engaged in negotiations of an extension with the Rams. It may not sit well with Donald that the Rams first spent their big bucks on Cooks, a player whose never taken a single snap for LA, as opposed to Donald, whose spent the last 2 years in LA.

Regardless, the Rams are positioned to be a serious threat in the league over the next few years, possibly more depending on who they can retain.

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