Isaiah Thomas Signs 1 Year Minimum Deal With Denver Nuggets

I’m a max guy. I deserve the max. … My time is coming. They know they’ve got to bring the Brinks truck.”

– Isaiah Thomas, summer of 2017

Unfortunately, his time hasn’t come quite yet, and the Brinks truck won’t be going anywhere.

Isaiah Thomas, just one year removed from his incredible Boston campaign landing him 5th in MVP voting, has signed a veteran’s minimum deal worth just $2 million with the Denver Nuggets.

What it means for Thomas

This is, realistically, the best offer Isaiah may have gotten. No, it’s not at all the money he deserves, not by a long shot. But, the guard does have a surplus of concerns and issues that had to be taken into account when considering him:

  • He’s 5′ 9″
  • He’s coming off of a prolonged surgery attempting to repair a hip that dragged him to a horrible season
  • He’s not considered the best teammate at times
  • His numbers suggest he may simply be a product of Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics, and may not amount to much more anywhere else (24.7 PPG as Celtic, 15.3 PPG everywhere else)

All things considered, Thomas should feel lucky to be going to a team such as Denver; the Nuggets are slowly on the rise, fighting to make the playoffs after missing out by just 1 game last season. Thomas could easily repaint himself as the hero he was in Boston, one worth $100 million dollars, by leading this young team to a playoff trip.

Regardless of if Thomas can average anywhere close to 28.9 PPG again in his career, if he can simply be an efficient role player as the sixth man and most importantly, stay healthy, then he should have no worries working a much bigger contract at the conclusion of the season. Even other NBA stars such as Dwyane Wade are excited for IT.

What it means for the Nuggets

For Denver, this is a low risk – high reward move. At best, you’re adding an elite ball handler and scorer to your team to flourish what’s already a 3 point heavy team. At worst, you’re losing a couple million dollars for a guy you can likely trade away pretty easily.

Many believe that the one thing the Nuggets are missing is a leader, a star player who can average 20 or more PPG. The beauty in this signing is that while Isaiah Thomas could very well be that kind of guy, he doesn’t have to be.

WIll Barton is 27. Gary Harris is 23. Nikola Jokic is 23. Jamal Murray is 21. The Nuggets arguably have the most potential in the entire Western Conference, so what’s the harm in not having a big name leader quite yet? Jokic is growing into one of the best all around players in the game, Murray already proved he can be an everyday starting PG, Harris has averaged more PPG every year he’s been in the league, and even Barton has renamed himself upon leaving Portland.

So, who cares if Thomas doesn’t do much? The Nuggets don’t need him to. They’re on the road to the playoffs with or without him in the grand scheme of things. The opportunity for Thomas to prove himself to the league, however, is a perfect fit for this Denver team.


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