HTTR Review: Week 1 vs Philadelphia Eagles

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The Redskins came into this game looking to extend their 5 game winning streak over the Eagles. Unfortunately, they could not extend their winning streak as they lost 30-17. We have a lot of excuses we could make (like the referees), but our offense did not perform well. In this article, I will be showing the areas that we need to improve on if we want to make the playoffs.

Kirk Cousins

The big question mark coming into this season was whether or not the Redskins should pay Kirk big money. After seeing this game, I agree with the Redskins decision to franchise tag him.       

Cousins decision making was terrible. He overthrew Pryor twice and Crowder once, three throws that would they have been on target, would have resulted in touchdowns. Cousins made terrible decisions in the red zone, throwing an INT in the fourth quarter. Cousins did make big plays with his legs, but his throws and decision making have to be better if we want to go far.

Offensive Line

Our offensive line played terribly and it showed. They allowed 4 sacks, but the Eagles would have had more if it wasn’t for Kirk’s awareness in the pocket. At one point in the game, left tackle Trent Williams let a free rusher go right by him and they almost sacked Kirk. The O-Line has to be more aware and improve their play.

Defensive Tackling In the Back Field

This was a big problem in this game. We had three really good opportunities to sack Carson Wentz, but we missed tackles and let him go right by us. Wentz made us look silly by just running circles around us and finding the open receiver.

Defensive Coverage

The defensive coverage was good, but the coverage after Wentz got out of the pocket was terrible. After he spun out of a tackle and got outside the pocket, the coverage was bad and it showed in a 50+ yard touchdown in the first quarter. If the Redskins can improve coverage after the quarterback gets out of the pocket, it could result in more stops on third down.


Kirk Cousins lost three turnovers. He threw an interception in the Red zone and lost two fumbles. Crowder also muffed a punt that gave the Eagles great field possession. Decision-making has to be better and we need to protect the ball.

Red Zone Offense

The red-zone offense picked up where it left off last year, being terrible. After adding Pryor and Quick, two tall receivers, I thought our red-zone offense would improve, but bad decisions by Kirk led to an INT in the red-zone and in two red zone drives, we only came away with three points.


The reffing was atrocious. On the final drive of the game, Kirk Cousins clearly threw the ball and it got deflected of Fletcher Cox and they called it a fumble which was returned for a touchdown. They also missed a lot of pass interference calls which could have helped us.

Player of the Game: Chris Thompson

Overall, this was a terrible game by our offense, but I was happy with our defense. There is a lot of work that needs to be done with our offense and defense, but I expect our players to come in Week 2 fired up and ready to play.



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