Houston Rockets Sign Chris Paul to Max Deal

Chris Paul is back in Houston. Paul will sign a 4 year, 160 million dollar max contract to stay in Houston. This is a big win for Houston, and for Paul, as Houston thrived under Paul and James Harden’s leadership and ability to co-exist this season. At age 32, this is probably the last max contract Paul will receive. In Paul’s first season as a Rocket, the Rockets secured the 1 seed in the West (in front of GSW) and took the Warriors to 7 games.

Many could argue that if Chris Paul didn’t injure himself at the end of game 5, the Rockets would have won the Western Conference. The acquisition of Paul from the Clippers last offseason was controversial, as many didn’t know how Paul and Harden could fit together. But, Harden had a career MVP season, and Paul fit perfectly.

The next order of business for the Rockets is to try to lock up Clint Capela. Capela is a restricted free agent who may get a max offer sheet, but the Rockets may have to go way into the Luxury Tax in order to keep this team together. The Rockets will continue to shop Ryan Anderson and his huge contract, but a deal would require the Rockets to give up young players/picks for his contract.

A big win for Houston.

Stay Tuned.

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