Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 2

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Another week of football means another week of fantasy football. Today we take a look at players you may want to start and players you may want to bench.


Start: Carson Palmer

Palmer is going up against a Colts defense that gave up 49 points to the Rams. Goff had 306 yards over the air. Now, Palmer gets his shot against the Colts and I expect no different. Palmer will have a field day against the 28th passing defense in the league and should be a definite start.

Start: Eli Manning

This is a questionable one considering his performance last week, but he is going up against the 21st ranked passing defense in the NFL along with getting Odell back. Last time these two teams met, Eli killed them threw the air. This week I expect Eli to have a great game, with Odell, Marshall, and Shepard. With him getting his main receiver back and playing against a poor defense, he should be a start.

Bench: Andy Dalton

No comeback for Andy Dalton this week. He faces the number 3 passing defense in the league. Last game was not pretty and I expect the same this week, except I will give him a touchdown.

Bench: Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota threw for 256 yards against a subpar defense, but now he is going up against the top passing defense in the league. The Jaguars have a great secondary, and Marcus Mariota has not been great against the Jaguars in recent years.

Running Backs

Start: Marshawn Lynch

I’ll give you three reasons why you should start Marshawn, going up against the Jets, going up against the Jets, and going up against the Jets. The Jets have the worst running defense in the league, and Marshawn will have no problem eating up this defense.

Start: Lamar Miller

After a subpar game against the Jaguars, Miller now faces a terrible run defense in the Bengals. With DeShaun Watson starting, they may run the ball more. These two factors combined, are a recipe for success and Miller should be a starter.

Bench: Kareem Hunt

Hunt had a great week 1, no doubt about that, but so did the Eagles run defense. The Eagles allowed just 64 yards rushing against the Redskins. Eagles have a great front seven, so if you are going to use Hunt, think wisely.

Bench: Dalvin Cook

Cook is going up against the 6th ranked defense in the league, which allowed just 57 yards on the ground. Cook is set up for disaster going up against a stout Steelers defense and should be used cautiously.

Wide Reciever

Start: Any receiver in the Packers vs Falcons game

This game is going to be an absolute shootout. These teams have average pass defenses, but top tier quarterbacks that know their way around the best defenses. Any receiver in this game should get you some points.

Start: Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is going up against a terrible passing defense and against sub par corners. Fitzgerald will have a field day against the Colts and rack up yardages and touchdowns.

Bench: Dez Bryant

The Broncos have one of the best secondaries in the league and arguably the best cornerback duo. Wherever he lines up on the field, he will be going against a top cornerback (Aqib Talib or Chris Harris Jr).

Bench: DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins is going up against a terrible secondary, but Watson is starting. Watson is a good quarterback with a bright future, but it is too early to start him and I see Hopkins having problems with Watson. I do not see Watson pulling a Dak Prescott this season.

Tight Ends:

Start: Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski had an okay week 1, but this week he has a more favorable matchup. He is going up against the Saints who have 29th worst passing defense, and nobody on the team can cover Gronk.

Start: Jared Cook

Cook had a good game in week 1, but much like Gronk, he has a very favorable opponent. The Jets have one of the worst secondaries in the league and Cook should have no problem getting by them.

Bench: Zach Ertz

Ertz is going up against the Chiefs this week, which is a very unfavorable matchup for him. Wentz will not find the same success against a better Chiefs defense, which means neither will Ertz.

Bench: Jason Witten

The Bronco’s secondary is very good. So is their front seven, that will continue to get to Dak Prescott. These two factors are a recipe for disaster.



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