Ezekiel Elliott Set to Play Entire Season as Judge Puts Suspension on Hold

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Ezekiel Elliott Set to Play Entire Season

After Ezekiel Elliott’s 6-game suspension was upheld just two days ago, Texas court has given Elliott a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, which allows him to play for the time being.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Federal judge Amos Mazzant said that Zeke “did not receive a fundamentally fair hearing” and sources are telling Schefter he will play all season long as the legal process plays itself out.

Elliott was suspended on August 11th for potentially physically harming his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson. Elliott was not charged for a crime and still denies the claims to this day. The NFL’s decision to suspend Elliott was a group decision that included Roger Goodell and a 4-person advisory team which included Kia Roberts, the NFL’s lead investigator.

Should the NFL have Suspended Zeke?

The NFL was put in a tough situation with Ezekiel Elliott, especially due to the recent history of domestic violence in the NFL. The NFL has been under a tremendous amount of heat for down-playing domestic violence after originally giving Ray Rice a 2-game suspension for punching his girlfriend (he got arrested). Through other athletes like Greg Hardy and Josh Brown, the NFL hasn’t been able to be harsh enough with domestic violence.

There’s a solid case on both ways whether Elliott should’ve been suspended. The suspension makes sense, as the NFL needs to crack down on domestic violence in order to keep it’s reputation. If new evidence comes out that Elliott clearly committed the crime, than the NFL will be glad they suspended Elliott.

But, on Elliott’s side, no charges were ever filed about the incident. And as of right now, there’s zero evidence that Elliott ever committed the crime. There’s a solid chance he did, but it looks bad on the NFL’s side to suspend a guy who has no evidence against him, but just his ex-girlfriend accusing him of domestic violence. It very well could all be a hoax, and she wants some of his money. Also, Kia Roberts said that Thompson “had credibility issues” and didn’t recommend a suspension.

Either way, Ezekiel Elliott will be playing this season. Elliott had an outstanding rookie season where he rushed for 1,631 rushing yards and led the Cowboys to the playoffs. This is a huge sigh of relief for the Cowboy’s, but a shady case and tough situation for the NFL makes this news bittersweet.



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