Dez Bryant Wants to Play for the Dallas Cowboys

It is Week 4 of the NFL season and former Pro-Bowl wide receiver, Dez Bryant, is still unemployed.  Since the beginning of the season, 12 receiver-related transactions have occurred – none of them involving Dez.  He told anyone who would listen after his release that he wanted to play for the Patriots or the Redskins; Washington went on to sign Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman and New England traded for Josh Gordon.

Throughout his extended off season, Bryant has taken to Twitter more than enough.  He complained about the Cowboys play-calling, Sean Lee, and gave the media hints about where and when he would sign.  Most recently, Dez was asked where he wants to play and he said “I’ll rather it be the Dallas Cowboys if not I’ll be ready to play somewhere else”.  The question is, would the Cowboys want him back?

Jerry Jones has always been a big Dez Bryant fan.  We’ve seen Jones and Bryant at a concert together, and we’ve seen Jones defend Bryant many times throughout his career.  Stephen Jones may not be as big as a fan as he started suggesting after the end of last season that Bryant might not be back.  And there is the issue with Dez taking shots at two team stalwarts, Sean Lee and Travis Frederick, which displays a lack of maturity and tact, and act that has grown old.

Despite that, I think a potential Dez Bryant return to Dallas fills a definite need. 1) He’s always been a fan-favorite. 2) The Cowboys offense needs a play-maker. 3) Dak needs help.  If Dez was to return to Dallas, defenses would have to account for him, which should open opportunities for Michael Gallup, Tavon Austin, and most importantly, Ezekiel Elliott.

Dez can still play. He may not be at the same elite caliber that we saw years ago, but he is still a good player.  Plus, the Cowboys need something.  Right now, their best receiver is their running back.

Having Dez Bryant may not fix all of the Cowboys problems, but it would be an all-around smart addition.  He has an attitude and an ego that can cause problems but his play has always been, at least, solid.

Jerry Jones has recently shut down the rumor of Dez to Dallas, saying its not in the teams best interest, but I dont believe Jerry 100% believes that. Dez Bryant back in Dallas would be awesome, but it doesn’t seem super likely that will happen at this point in the season.



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