Deandre Jordan Agrees to 1 Year Deal with Mavericks

After Deandre Jordan once literally hid from the Mavericks after verbally agreeing to terms three years ago, it looks like Jordan is finally coming to Dallas. Jordan has agreed to a 1 year, 24 millon dollar contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

This is a perfect contract for both parties. Deandre Jordan will have a chance to improve his stock and hit the market next offseason when he shouldn’t have to compete with guys like Kevin Durant and LeBron James for money. And, for Dallas, they won’t be binded into another long-term contract that restricts their cap flexibility. If the signing doesn’t work for either party, both have the ability to move on.

A great offseason for the Dallas Mavericks keeps on getting better. After acquiring Luka Doncic, who many consider the best player in the draft, on draft night from the Atlanta Hawks, the Mavericks now sign one of the NBA’s best centers.

With Dennis Smith Jr. entering his second season, Luka Doncic entering his rookie season, and many solid role players like Wes Matthews and Harrison Barnes, Jordan and the Mavs could make some unexpected noise in the 2018-19 season, as their mini rebuild is expedited with the signing of Jordan.

Dallas remains 3 million dollars under the cap, and if they are able to move Wes Matthew’s 18 million dollar salary, they will have space for another superstar if Mark Cuban can land one.

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