College Football Stock Report: Week 3

Photo by Scott Halleran

Another week of college football in the books. This week was what we expect college football to be like, upsets, close games, and blowouts. Here is our third edition of the stock report.

Stock Up

Mississippi State: 

This was a big win for Mississippi State not only for their college football ranking but for their SEC ranking. Nick Fitzgerald played a great game accounting for all of¬†Mississippi State touchdown’s (2 passing and 2 rushing). The running game was great accounting for 285 yards and 2 touchdowns led by Aeris Williams. The defense did a good job shutting down Guice to just 76 yards rushing and their whole offense to just 280 offensive yards. This is a team that the SEC and college football teams cannot take lightly.


A very defensive game that saw Vanderbilt upset the number 17 team in the nation and move to 3-0 on the season. Their defense was very good holding Kansas State to just 76 passing yards, and the defense did a good job getting into the backfield and initiating first contact their which saw them have 8 tackles for loss. The defense played aggressive coverage and came away with two interceptions. Offensively, Kyle Shurmur led this team to victory having 2 touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground. Vanderbilt wins a close defensive game and move to 3-0 on the season and remain one of the three undefeated teams in the SEC East.


TCU has surprised me this season. They have gotten off to quick 3-0 start after their win against SMU. Most noteworthy was Kenny Hill, who was very efficient with the ball, finishing 365 yards and 4 touchdowns. The running game was very good too having 254 yards, led by Darius Anderson and Kyle Hicks. Defensively, the team was not the best finishing with no sacks, but they forced bad throws and finished with two picks. This is a good win for TCU as they have built up momentum to their opening BIG 12 game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Stock Down


A primetime game for Lousiville this weekend did not turn out as expected. They hosted Clemson, in what most people expected a close game. They got the exact¬†opposite with the score being 47-21 Clemson. While Lamar Jackson accounted for most of Lousiville’s offense, he was very bad when throwing the ball finishing with a QBR of 27.2. The running game of Clemson torched Lousiville with the running game having close to 300 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns, while Bryant had 316 yards passing. The defense of Louisville was non-existent, letting Clemson finish with over 600 yards of offense. This is not good for Lousiville as they drop in the rankings and in ACC conference play.


The Bruins took on a very underrated Memphis Tiger’s team. The Tigers gave it to the Bruins beating them 48-45. The Bruins offense was very good with Rosen having 4 touchdowns and one on the ground, but it was the defense that lost the game for UCLA. They let Riley Ferguson throw for 398 yards and 6 touchdown passes, and letting the run game rush for 162 yards. This game will come back to bite UCLA in the behind as it should have been a game won by the Bruins.


Tennessee had the game in their grasps and blew it. A year after completing a mraculous hail mary against the Georgia Bulldogs, the Volunteers saw themselves on the opposite side of it. Florida was tied with¬†Tennessee and had one last chance to win the game. Franks rolled out and Cleveland just slipped behind Tennessee’s safety and Franks threw a dime which led to Florida winning the game. This is a game Tennessee should have won easily. The red-zone offense needs work and so do the field goal kickers. They missed three field goals combined. Dormady had three interceptions. This was not a good game for the Volunteers and a game that will affect the rest of their season.

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