Ariza signs One Year Deal with Phoenix Suns

After acquiring Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns have made another splash by signing Trevor Ariza to a one year, 15 million dollar deal.

Ariza emerged as one of the best “3-and-D” players in the NBA last season with the Houston Rockets, who just re-signed PG Chris Paul. Phoenix, along with Dallas, has expedited their rebuilding processes with free agent finds in the early morning of July 1st.

Ariza will help the Suns in a multitude of ways. Mikal Bridges is widely considered to be the best “3-and-D” prospect in the 2018-19 rookie class, so he will get to learn a ton from one of the league’s best. While Ariza will provide great mentorship for Bridges and Josh Jackson as well, he will also fit nicely on a Suns team that needs defense and veteran scorers. Ariza is now the highest payed player on the Suns, which shows their youth, as most of their team is on rookie deals.

Houston takes a big hit by losing one of the key players in attempting to halt the Warriors, while Phoenix will take a flyer on one of the league’s best “3-and-D” wings. If the Suns are able to move Tyson Chandler and/or Brandon Knight, they will have the cap flexibility to sign another big name if they feel the need.

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