Analyzing What Signing of Jay Cutler Means For Dolphins

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After just three months into retirement, Jay Cutler has opted to come back for one last season in the wake of Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury. According to Ian Rapoport of, the Miami Dolphins welcome back Jay Cutler by signing him to a one-year, ten million dollar contract with several incentives included.

This move reunites Cutler with the Dolphins head coach Adam Gase who was the offensive coordinator for the Bears in 2015. When Cutler played under Gase, he had the best statistical season of his career. Expect this trend to continue in Miami.

What Does The Signing of Jay Cutler Mean For The Dolphins?

Jay Cutler’s hefty contract suggests not only that Jay Cutler will be the replacing Matt Moore as the starting quarterback, but that Ryan Tannehill likely will be getting that ACL surgery everybody has been talking about. In the case that Tannehill does, he will miss the entire season, while in the case that he doesn’t, he’ll miss six to eight weeks rehabbing that left knee of his. However, every day it seems to become more and more likely that Tannehill is getting that surgery especially since this is his second left knee injury in the past year. Either way, it seems likely that Jay Cutler is going to be seeing a lot of playing time.

How Does Playing For The Dolphins Affect Jay Cutler?

Cutler had one of the worst seasons of his career in 2016. However, all signs are pointing to Cutler having a bounce back season now that he is under Adam Gase and that he is on a team with a talented receiving core. Though Cutler is no Tannehill, he has the talent around him to have a great season. Expect the Dolphins to remain a competitive team despite having their starting Quarterback sidelined.


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