Aaron Rogers Is Getting PAID

Aaron Rogers and the Packers have just agreed to a record breaking contract extension.

Former Packers star James Jones broke the highly anticipated news to the media on Wednesday. Rogers also confirmed himself via Instagram, sharing his excitement to spend his years to come in Greenbay.

He should be excited too, as Greenbay looks like early playoff and even Super Bowl favorites. Rogers has proved to be one of the most valuable players to any individual team in his decade as the Packers starting QB. The Packers have won the division 5 out of the last 6 years (excluding Rogers injury ridden 2017 season), almost entirely in thanks to Rogers.

Rogers is 20th in all time passing yards at 38,502, though he should easily climb into the top 10 by the end of his career. Since 2008, he’s averaged 269 yards per game, while also throwing for 312 TD’s in just 142 games.

This year, the 35 year old will have breakout WR Davante Adams and 5 time pro bowler TE Jimmy Graham joining him on the field. The offense is one of the highest ranked in football, and in a division as competitive as the NFC North, the team will need Rogers to thrive. With this deal, the Packers have asserted themselves as one of the biggest threats in the NFC for the next several years.

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