2 Teams That Are Struggling: Soccer Edition

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A couple of Europe’s biggest teams are struggling to say the least. We are now 11 games into the season (for most European leagues) and if your team hasn’t figured it out, there is a problem. Today we look at these teams.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid has found success in Europe. They have made it to two Champions League finals and won a La Liga title all in the past 4 seasons. This season it is a completely different story. They have scored 1 goal in the Champions League and find themselves in 4th place in La Liga.

Why is a team that has been able to contend with Europes best suddenly seeing such a drop-off? It is a simple answer and one that all Atletico Madrid fans should know, the dependency on one player. The difference between teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich compared to Atletico is if one player struggles the team still can succeed. Griezmann is a talented striker and has been the main man in Atletico for the past couple of years. This season, he has not been able to produce as much as in recent years. Basically, to put it simply, Griezmann cannot score, Atletico struggles.

At this point in Atletico’s season, Madrid is waiting for the January transfer window where they are reuniting with striker Diego Costa. Costa and Griezmann will be a scary combination up top and should be able to put Atletico back in winning ways, but in January, Atletico may be out of the Champions League and La Liga may be out of reach.


Everton spent over 150 million dollars in the past transfer season buying key players Jordan Pickford, Micheal Keane, and Gylfi Sigurdsson. Coming into this season having a realized team, I expected them to be in the top 8 of the Premier League. Unfortunately for them, they currently sit in 15th place.

Everton is not only struggling in Premier League but also in the Europa league. They are already out of the Round of 16 in the Europa league sitting in 4th place in their group.

Everton defense is atrocious, to say the least. They allow 2 goals a game in Premier League and 2.5 goals a game in Europa League. The offense is not any better scoring .91 goals a game in Premier League and .75 goals in Europa League.

Ronald Koeman is not helping Everton at all. Everton needs to sack him ASAP as he is turning Everton into a joke. Here is another one of those occasions where money does not buy you happiness. If Koeman would have listened to his mother then this season would be a different story.



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